Practice Areas

Fiduciary Litigation

Jeff Knebel has substantial experience in litigating a wide variety of disputes at the trial level in state and federal court. Knebel Law’s litigation practice primarily involves the representation of fiduciaries and beneficiaries in estate, trust and guardianship controversies.

  • In the estate context, this includes representing personal representatives and beneficiaries in will contests, breach of fiduciary duty actions, removal actions and general probate disputes.

  • In the trust context, this includes representing trustees and beneficiaries in any action brought by or against a trustee as well as pursuing trust modification or termination proceedings, removal actions and lawsuits to compel trust accountings.

  • Jeff Knebel has thoughtfully advised clients in some of the most contentious contested guardianship actions that have happened over the last several years in Travis County and beyond.

  • In the context of partnerships, limited liability companies and other corporate entities, Jeff Knebel has been involved in multiple lawsuits regarding the fiduciary relationships and responsibilities of general partners, LLC members and officers and directors of corporations, as well as striving diligently to protect the rights of limited partners or minority shareholders.

Another significant part of the firm's practice is the representation of charitable organizations in litigated matters involving estates, trusts or investigations by the Texas Attorney General.

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Will Contests & Trust Litigation

Lawsuits over family estate and wealth transfers are some of the most contentious and emotionally charged. Jeff Knebel has become a well-known specialist in handling the difficult dynamics of family relationships between parents and children, brothers and sisters, step-parents and stepchildren and extended family members. Knebel Law assertively advances its clients' positions, while always looking for opportunities and strategies to resolve the controversy and striving for reconciliation among family members if possible.

Will contests and trust litigation often arise when estate planning documents are changed in the waning years of a loved one's life. Jeff Knebel brings over 20 years of experience in guiding clients through complicated issues, such as the alleged lack of necessary legal capacity to execute documents, assertions of someone exercising undue influence over an elderly person, and seeking the necessary judicial interpretations of wills, trusts, or contracts. Knebel Law often teams with other legal specialists and professional experts, such as medical doctors, financial and accounting consultants, and other forensic experts, to develop the optimal approach to protect its clients' interests, and provide premium services with utmost integrity.

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The firm has many years of experience counseling clients on complicated probate issues, including the administration of probate estates and trusts. Knebel Law routinely provides counsel to fiduciaries, including both corporate entities and individuals, in all areas of responsibility, including timely preparation and submittal of all filings with local courts, if necessary, for estates or trusts, addressing questions regarding mandatory or discretionary distributions of income or principal, and other asset distribution issues. Knebel Law brings a well-reasoned and practical approach to solving complex estate administration issues, but also attempting to minimize controversy or resolve difficult issues that can arise between family members.

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Ensuring that your loved ones are protected and provided for after your passing is one of the most basic desires. Jeff Knebel brings extensive experience and a thoughtful, strategic approach to walking alongside clients through this challenging task. Many people resist facing these important planning decisions that are often difficult to address because of the legal concepts and intimidating nature of planning for death and disabilities. Knebel Law aims to enable clients to face these difficult issues head-on through a personal and attentive approach.

Knebel Law works with a diverse array of clients with estate planning challenges by offering both simple and complex wealth transfer plans. Jeff Knebel can walk you through multiple decision points in the preparation of necessary estate planning documents, including wills, trusts, financial and medical powers of attorney, advanced directives, guardianship instructions and preferences, and other necessary documents. We evaluate each and every client's individual situation, and craft custom-made plans that incorporate the latest changes in any state or federal laws.

Knebel Law aims to develop estate plans that provide you the security and assurance of providing ample protection for your children, preserving your legacy, minimizing income, estate and gift taxes, and carrrying out your charitable giving preferences.

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Jeff Knebel has multiple years of experience traveling abroad to serve people in various countries, including Kenya and Uganda in Africa, Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala as well as China and the Middle East. He and his wife Deidre see it as their mission to serve others through global missionary work in the United States and abroad. Jeff has been on the Board of Directors of Life Plus for multiple years, an organization that owns and operates K-12 schools in various cities in China and the Middle East. These multiple years of experience and interactions with people of multiple cultures has given Jeff a broad framework, allowing Knebel Law to review and analyze the psychological aspects of family disputes with a holistic approach.

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Over 25 Years of Experience

Jeff Knebel is a Texas-based lawyer with over 25 years of specialized experience in probate and fiduciary litigation. He represents both fiduciaries and beneficiaries in litigated matters, and also handles contentious trust cases involving high-value disputes.